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The material published on the site kosgroup.com, comprising data, communications, content, graphs and designs produced internally, press releases, news on the Company and the subsidiaries along with photos and videos, is owned by KOS S.p.A. or its subsidiaries. Therefore nothing published on the site may be reproduced, changed, copied, transferred or downloaded, or used in any other manner, without the previous agreement of KOS S.p.A., apart from the option of storing it on one’s own computer or printing excerpts of the pages of this site for personal use only.
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This site kosgroup.com allows the user broad access to the information regarding its initiatives and services. The information on the site is provided in good faith and the aim is to provide updated, accurate information. KOS will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained on its site is correct, complete to the extent required by law, and kept up-to-date. However, involuntary errors or omissions may occur. If we should be notified of any errors, we will try and correct them as quickly as possible.
In any case, the information does not constitute professional or legal opinion (please refer to duly qualified professionals for any specific consultation).
KOS shall not be responsible for anything regarding the content of the site, especially where the information is of a general nature, not necessarily exhaustive, complete, precise, updated or results from links to external sites over which the KOS services do not have any control.
KOS will be responsible for reducing dysfunctions due to technical problems to a minimum. A part of the data or the information on this site may however have been entered or structured in files or formats that contain errors. Therefore KOS cannot guarantee that the service will not be subject to interruptions or be influenced in some other way by these issues. KOS will not be responsible for any problems resulting from the use of the site or any external sites to which it is connected.

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