New Myolab Centre opens in Jesi, Italy

 Jesi, Italy. 26 January 2018

The new centre, which will provide wellness, healthcare, rehabilitation, diagnosis and sports training services, is part of the KOS Group which also operates in the region through Santo Stefano Rehabilitation. The new headquarters is located in Viale Don Minzoni 29 A.

Present at the opening ceremony were the mayor of Jesi, Massimo Bacci, four-time Olympic gold-winner Giovanna Trillini and the Paralympic champion Bianca Marini. The premises received a blessing from the bishop of Jesi, Mons. Gerardo Rocconi.

“The new headquarters are designed to meet the needs of the population,” said Enrico Brizioli, managing director of KOS Care-Santo Stefano Rehabilitation. “The new centre and facilities positions Myolab in the region as a new model of healthcare and wellness, offering a complete range of integrated, personalized solutions carefully focused on patients’ needs and conditions”.

“We have refurbished and upgraded our facilities and services,” said Marisa Scarponi, head of Myolab. “This confirms our position as a leading provider of healthcare services in the area. We now have more comfortable accommodation, more efficient services and more functional spaces. We also have room to accommodate, among other things, the centre’s new technological facilities and the new rehabilitation pool “.

 The centre’s technological facilities have also been completely refurbished.

The Myolab Centre

Myolab offers a highly diversified range of services, from specialized healthcare (delivered by highly qualified local medical practitioners) to diagnostics, from wellness (with gymnastic facilities and courses) to physical and functional rehabilitation (with therapy rooms, new-generation equipment and a therapeutic pool). It includes services for pregnant women and for new mothers and fitness recovery programs for athletes, both professional and amateur. Myolab plays a key role in the provision of medical services, healthcare and wellness in the region.