KOS operates in the area of functional rehabilitation with 10 rehabilitation hospitals and 14 outpatient clinics; it has gained a high level of professional competence over the years as a reliable partner for the public administration and as a group that can meet the rehabilitation requirements of the public.

A highly-specialised, multi-disciplinary approach is taken with a great deal of interaction with the public health service, along with a personalised service that aims to obtain maximum functional recovery, to optimise the remaining abilities and to help reintegrate the person into society. This is the type of response needed to meet current and future rehabilitation demands: an increase in the need for rehabilitation facilities that can take patients with rehabilitation and treatment requirements, and who need increasingly complex care.

A personalised rehabilitation plan is devised for each patient taken on by a multi-disciplinary team covering a range of professions in accordance with his/her diagnosis and specific requirements. The goals and actions to take are decided in agreement with the patients and their families, in addition to the therapy required and the time-frames involved for each individual.

The range of services extends from the complete range of intensive services provided by the rehabilitation hospital to home rehabilitation.  The areas of intervention include: Brain diseases involving a coma; Strokes; Neurological disorders; Muscular and skeletal system injuries or chronic-degenerative disorders including where there is serious or complex comorbidity and after joint replacement; Neuro-degenerative disorders (for example multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, etc.); Rheumatologic conditions, Respiratory illnesses; Developmental disorders. There are also rehabilitation services available in some centres for conditions such as alcoholism or heart disease.