Nursing homes for elderly and disabled people  


KOS manages over 40 nursing homes in Italy for elderly and disabled people, with 4,500 beds, offering quality services in facilities spread throughout different parts of Italy.

The demands of modern family life are not always compatible with helping elderly family members – especially those who are not self-sufficient – or being able to meet all their requirements: medical care, support in their daily activities or psychological and interpersonal needs. On the basis of demographic trends and data, the average age of the population is set to increase, and will represent an increasingly high percentage of the overall population in the future (over 26% of the population by 2027). KOS wishes to be in a position to meet these requirements, aware that the challenge for the future will be to find operators who are capable of developing specific areas of excellence, that recognise the importance of the person and that can give timely responses to the requirements of a community.

The Group facilities provide a wide-ranging set of services to welcome both elderly people and people who have serious physical or cognitive difficulties, with personalised programmes that are suited to their requirements (from Alzheimer’s to motor impairment). The facilities can be used for respite periods, long-term stays or daily visits.

Qualified and specialist staff work in the facilities; they form multi-disciplinary teams that can deal with all aspects of care, including those related to degenerative diseases and age-related diseases, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of life possible for the patients.