The KOS Group publishes its first Sustainability Report

It has also created a Sustainability Plan with goals for improvement to be reached by 2025 in the quality of care, attention to people and energy efficiency. 

People, territory, quality of care, energy consumption and use of resources: these are the pillars on which the first Sustainability Report of the KOS Group rests. A document published after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, in which the need to adopt a sustainable and resilient business model became even more evident. 

“The commitment towards sustainability, in the sense of social, environmental and economic sustainability, was already explicit in the recent years of the Group’s activity, but with publication of the first report the commitment  to independent accounting of non-financial information is reinforced, with a view to increasing transparency towards our stakeholders, whether they are investors, employees or patients. Today the KOS Group looks to the future as promoter of a sustainability of healthcare systems and of our constant commitment to improving the quality of life of our patients,” explains Giuseppe Vailati Venturi, Managing Director of the KOS Group.

The Sustainability Report gives a detailed account of what has been implemented to date in terms of economic responsibility and business ethics: transparency, risk prevention and management, creation of value to consolidate the role of KOS Group in the healthcare sector in Italy and to strengthen international development. A key aspect of the report, at the heart of KOS’ activity, is attention to the quality of the services offered: high standards of care and reception, centrality of the patient, customisation of care packages, adoption of state-of-the-art technologies, specialised training for professionals. Elements that are constantly monitored to assess patient satisfaction, employee motivation and involvement, compliance with safety procedures. Moreover, today the subject of environmental responsibility is crucial, in order to minimise impact on the territory and promote virtuous behaviours for the use of resources. 

However, sustainability is not an end point, but a process of continual improvement that requires consistency, time and commitment. For this reason, a Sustainability Plan has also been created, outlining the challenges of the Group from here to 2025, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. A programme with 18 goals concerning people and the community, defined as responsibility towards employees and the territory, quality of care, in terms of guest satisfaction, access to healthcare information and respect for ethical standards, and energy efficiency.

To consult the report and view the sustainability plan of the KOS Group, go to the dedicated area of the website.