The KOS Group adds two new facilities in Emilia Romagna

In May 2018 the group’s services in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna were extended through the acquisition of two facilities near Bologna: Villa dei Ciliegi and Casa Olga.

Villa dei Ciliegi is a recently built residential nursing home located in Monteveglio just outside Bologna, not far from the Valsamoggia motorway exit. The home has 70 beds and spacious facilities for the care of elderly guests. The villa lies in attractive grounds, surrounded by greenery, with cool, shady porticoes. While the exterior of the villa is in good condition, the group plans to invest in the refurbishment of the interior to bring it up to the same standard as the group’s Anni Azurri retirement homes.

Casa Olga is a mental health community for elderly residents with 33 beds. The acquisition of Villa Olga extends the group’s presence into the city of Bologna. The community is located in the Saragozza district in Via Carlo Francesco Dotti.