Santo Stefano opens new out-patient centre in Matelica and introduces new services at the Cagli rehabilitation centre.

Santo Stefano continues with its programme to improve the patient experience across the group’s facilities.

The transfer of outpatient facilities in Matelica to a new centre in Via Ottone IV di Brunswik has enabled us to offer a completely new care experience to our patients in surroundings that are comfortable and welcoming, as well as functional. “The two large waiting rooms,” continued Roberta Ferranti, director of the Matelica centre, “together with the colour scheme, lighting and furnishings of the rehabilitation facilities (which include a gymnasium, speech therapy, movement therapy, manual and mechanical physiotherapy and cognitive rehabilitation) complement perfectly the traditional quality of the services offered by Santo Stefano.” The outpatient centre in Matelica carries out personalised rehabilitation programmes to restore independence, physical efficiency and and well-being to patients in all age groups, under the supervision of specialised medical staff.

Santo Stefano has also expanded its facilities at Cagli in the Italian Marches. At the A. Celli hospital where the organisation manages 20 beds for the rehabilitation of orthopaedic and neurological patients, a further 10 beds have been created for long-term post-acute admissions in an unused part of the hospital. The group has recently completed a complete refurbishment of the facilities which will also allow the introduction of new services for outpatients. The agreement also includes the management by Santo Stefano of patient reception and the main existing outpatient services, together with the introduction of new specialisations and equipment, allowing the Cagli centre to become fully operational.