Vision, mission, values

profilo-visione-missione-valori-600x210OUR VISION

Changing demographics, clear differences in demand by various social groups, higher technological sophistication and more willingness by individuals to invest in health have an increasingly important effect on public spending, imposing new relations between the public health system and the overall availability of services for the health and wellbeing of people.

With this in mind, private operators who can combine business acumen with subsidiarity on an industrial and international scale represent the driver of change; they will allow new market solutions to be developed through innovative ways of providing services that are increasingly focused on taking a person-centred approach.



We offer our customers healthcare and social health services with professional competence and a warm sense of welcome in the areas of chronic illnesses, rehabilitation, advanced diagnostic and high-tech therapy services and acute cases, ensuring growth and continuity in the creation of value for our shareholders.

We work in highly sensitive areas and place great value on professional skills and talent, encouraging individuals to give of their best.



  • Responsibility, working in an exemplary manner and acting with integrity;
  • Customer focus, translating into excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to listen and understand, a willingness to serve and dedication;
  • Professional competence, with the drive to grow, stay constantly informed and updated;
  • Respect, in recognising the role, the dignity and the freedom of every individual;
  • Wish for transparency, commitment to share information so that everyone can be part of the life and success of the company, and to desire to develop equal opportunities;
  • Spirit of belonging as a result of sharing the spirit of the mission, identification of the corporate values and the contribution of each person in achieving the common goals;
  • Coherence: loyalty to the principles and commitments made, translated into actions that are in keeping with the company values and declarations;
  • Diversity, which has always been an asset to human culture and ideas; it is a daily commitment to give value to diversity and allow it to form part of the common goals.