Kos in a nutshell

KOS is a leading Italian healthcare group that operates in the area of social health, residential care for chronic illnesses, rehabilitation and mental health services, advanced technology applied to medicine and acute care medicine.

The KOS Group operates in 11 Italian regions and two foreign countries; it has a total of over 12,800 beds. KOS manages 92 facilities in Italy and 51 in Germany. In Italy there are 8700 beds: 53 nursing homes; 16 rehabilitation centres; 13 psychiatric treatment communities and 7 mental health clinics; 2 hospitals. It also operates 22 outpatient rehabilitation and diagnosis clinics and 14 diagnosis and therapy service centres in India. Over 13,300 people work with the group, 8600 in Italy including 6700 employees.


  • High quality standards in all group facilities
  • Full focus on customer requirements in compliance with ethical principles
  • Strict compliance with the law and corporate code of ethics
  • Continuous investment in training to ensure staff professional growth
  • Preference for hiring permanent staff rather than freelance, agency or cooperative staff
  • Constant commitment to improving the level of service
  • Encouragement of innovation in seeking new opportunities
  • Close attention to protocols for the welcome and care of patients
  • Real interaction to take account of social security plans and to offer the best solutions to take the patients into care for them for their relatives
  • Efficiency ensured through rigorous monitoring of all processes


  • 2002 – year of establishment
  • over 12,800 beds
  • 51 facilities in Germany
  • 92 facilities in Italy including nursing homes (53), hospitals (2), rehabilitation centres (16), mental health facilities (13),  mental health clinics (7)
  • 22 outpatient clinics
  • 14 diagnosis and therapy service centres in India
  • The group operates in 11 Italian regions
  • It operates in 2 foreign countries
  • over 13,300 people work with the group; 8600 in Italy including 6,700 employees