Trust, developing skills, recognition of merit and sharing experiences. These are the key words that guide the relationship between KOS and its staff. Energy, ability to deal with other people, awareness of the responsibility of their roles and the sensitive environment that they work in, along with a highly specialised CV and targeted experience are the main elements that the Group considers.

The Group favours fostering long term relationships: 80% of the over 6300 people in the staff are direct employees (at June 30th 2015).

It gives opportunities for growth and professional satisfaction and it is attentive to the quality of the working environment, putting both the operational and scientific-medical skills into the mix, sharing know how and giving maximum recognition to professional competence.

This is also manifest in its encouragement of training, conventions that involve staff as spokespersons and which are opportunities for the results of the activities to be presented and to compare work with other colleagues and companies working in the sector.

The management of work relationships and collaboration is motivated by respect for the rights of workers and the full utilisation of their contribution with a view towards favouring development and professional growth, in accordance with the obligations taken on with the work contract, as provided by the organisational model and the Code of Ethics.