Patients and family members


People who have dealt with difficult periods due to illness or just the increased fragility linked to growing old are increasingly feeling a sense of abandonment, difficulties in understanding what to do and what the best responses could be, including in terms of quality of care.

The comprehensive service range offered by the KOS group allows a patient to be accompanied through a process of diagnosis, care and treatment, with special focus on those who require rehabilitation and solutions to deal with chronic issues.

This is the reason behind the creation of KOSCARD (website available only in Italian): a pass card to help patients avail of all the Group facilities.

The needs of the patients and their families are the starting point for providing an effective, targeted response in all the Group facilities. The processes for taking the patient into care are agreed with the patient and the family.  Listening is of fundamental importance during the entire procedure. This is carried out through satisfaction questionnaires on the quality of the services, internal audits and meetings between the operators for a constant exchange of information.

All of this along with the experience resulting from management of 114 centres, focused training and the valuable exchange of information and know-how between the professionals working in the facilities means that high quality standards can be achieved in the care and acceptance, and especially with respect to personalisation of the care processes.