The community as a value. The facilities that form part of the KOS Group always operate starting from this principle. Collaboration with the associations, relations with government agencies and involvement of the local population form part of the DNA of the people who have worked in the healthcare system for decades.

The Group has always used projects and events to inform the social fabric of rehabilitation issues and social health. Therefore it is important to have an openness towards the outside, with roots in the communities, also including relations with the associations and the local voluntary associations.

This philosophy is also reflected in the procedures used by KOS in the places where it sets up its businesses: continuation of organisational aspects when it takes over management of nursing homes or hospitals; optimisation of the buildings that are purchased, which are often historical buildings; respect for the public and the local economy and culture.

The managers of the group facilities are the formal link between the company and the local area. Their capacity to create constructive relationships forms part of their professional evaluation.