KOS Care – a new healthcare organization for Italy

 KOS Care is the name of the new entity formed by the merger of two organizations already belonging to the KOS

group: Residenze Anni Azzurri s.r.l. and Istituto di Riabilitazione S.Stefano s.r.l.

The operation has created a single, larger organization capable of offering its patients and residents the skills and experience gained through the management of over 7300 hospital beds in 77 centres throughout Italy, manned by a total staff of over 6300.

KOS Care will be active in eight Italian regions. It brings together two historic brands and their extensive know-how gained over many years: “Santo Stefano” in the area of rehabilitation and “Anni Azzurri” retirement homes, together with “Neomesia”, a newly created network of psychiatric centres with a range of services that has been broadened by their recent integration.

The operation has created a major care organization able to operate at national level across all of its areas of expertise. For public health authorities, KOS Care now represents a reliable provider, capable of delivering a range of high-quality, often indispensable services that complement, through a process of true synergy, those offered by the Italian National Health Service.