KOS believes that training is an investment that should show returns, like all investments. With training, the expectation is that the quality of the service offered should improve. The training provided is not geared towards merely meeting obligatory legal requirements, but is aimed at creating pathways that are truly reflected in the improved practices and operations.

This goal is achieved through the work of a specific department, the Centre of Continuing Education (provider ECM No. 3740), where qualified staff are in charge of monitoring the corporate training processes.

The training process provides for the involvement of internal staff, identified and trained specifically for the purpose, to decide on the training requirements on the basis of what has to be done day to day in accordance with operating protocols to improve the quality standards.  Another element is the careful selection of teachers based on accurate reports and feedback from the courses by the pupils.

Training is done in class-rooms and on-line via an e-learning platform (Easy Learning – available only in Italian) which allows everyone to follow the modules by computer and to share the various experiences between the various facilities. The platform also allows students to follow multi-lingual learning courses.

  • About 49,000 training hours were provided in 2013.
  •  In the first six months of 2015 over 21.600 training hours were provided to 2560 employees

KOS also pursues the diffusion of its expertise locally, promoting conferences and lectures addressed to the population or to che scientific community. In 2015 over 18 of such events were organized.