Research and education


Scientific and medical study and development. For years, the KOS Group has been active in the area of scientific research with innovative and experimental projects that would then be fully incorporated into the care and therapy processes. Group philosophy is to constantly get involved in the organisation of conventions, promoting high level conventions such as the Consensus Conference, organising study groups and promoting conventions with Italian and foreign universities.

This commitment means that the Group organises a great number of conventions and scientific meetings (with an average of 20 conventions per year) in order to increase the promotion of best practices and where necessary, initiate developmental medical and organisational research. KOS has promoted national and international conventions, in addition to meetings and training sessions with other operators in the healthcare sector.

Its more significant initiatives include: promotion of the III National Conference “Good clinical practice in hospital rehabilitation for persons with serious acquired brain injury” which initiated the process for the definition of the guidelines for the rehabilitation of patients with severe acquired brain injury;  it organised “Society and science facing the dementia crisis” a national convention with the participation of representatives from the Ministry for Health and the Higher Health Institute with experts from all over Italy, based on  an area of topical interest – dementia and aging.  it supported the initiative for the development of the PPP model (public and private partnership) in Italy by SDA BOCCONI “Public&Private Factory” aimed at promoting understanding of partnership contracts between the Public Service and private operators; this has become a common instrument to make healthcare spending – which is subject to rigid budgetary control – more efficient in meeting complex, diversified demand.

KOS also promoted the “Piero Micossi Prize” in 2010 and 2012 in order to promote and reward study, research and experience in the area of innovation in the healthcare sector. The prize is directed at young graduates and researchers resident in Italy, and includes a grant of €10,000, for a year’s duration, to research specific topics; the topics are identified each year by KOS management, also in association with the scientific companies involved in the sectors related to the Group’s activities.