The corporate responsibility of the company is the undertaking to pursue a sustainable growth path, incorporating respect for the environment, socially aware aspects and ethics into the business activity and creating value for all stakeholders.


  •  economic sustainability is an essential requirement to support our growth, and also affects the quality of the service provided;
  •   social sustainability is respect for the area and the community in which we work and into which the companies are integrated. The wish is to create fruitful exchange with the social framework in which the Group organisations operate. The community is also the place from which the patients and guests come; the work starts with encouraging socialisation of the patients and also increasing awareness by the local population. It is also expressed in support for the associations and businesses with which it shares its values and mission (for example support to the Epsilon association and the Santo Stefano Sports activities – available only in Italian);
  • environmental sustainability, with close attention paid to energy consumption, encouraging the introduction of technology that helps reduce pollution: guidelines have been adopted so that new facilities have all been built to high energy class standards, and existing systems have been efficiently upgraded.