Corporate Social Responsibility is the company’s commitment to pursue a sustainable growth model, integrating respect for the environment and social and ethical dimension into its business activities.
For some time the KOS Group has dedicated care and attention towards:

  • economic sustainability: in terms of generation of value and growth, also functional to the quality of the service offered;
  • social sustainability: in terms of humanisation of care, guest and patient satisfaction, motivation and professional growth of employees, respect for the territory and positive impact on the local community. In fact, the local context also represents the environment in which patients and guests of the structures are received, starting from the activity to promote socialisation of patients through to initiatives to raise awareness aimed at the population. This is also expressed in support for associations and companies with shared values and missions (such as support for the association Epsilon and for the activity of S. Stefano Sport);
  • environmental sustainability: which translates into attention to energy consumptions, introduction of energy efficiency practices and reduction of the waste produced.

The years characterised by the Covid-19 pandemic emergency have represented an important challenge for the KOS Group, emphasising even more the need to adopt a sustainable and resilient business model, with attention to the growth of human capital, to the quality of care and to energy efficiency.
For this reason, in 2022 the KOS Group has decided to publish its first Sustainability Report, containing a programme of goals to be reached by 2025: because sustainability is not an end point, but a process of continuous improvement that requires consistency, time and commitment.