Internal control and risk management


Guidelines, annual audits, company training, constant monitoring of processes, security and risk assessment protocols, strict compliance with risk management regulations.

KOS does not consider security and risk management to be merely a regulatory obligation to fulfil, but a proof of the quality of its ability to listen; this derives from a high level of attention and the constant exchange of information between departments and management in order to optimise procedures and overcome difficulties and maintain a good relationship with the patients and their families since it believes that a company that listens is a company that can analyse practical problems and prevent errors.

The Group has set up two corporate functions to deal with these matters, one for risk management and one for security.

This is an efficient organisational structure based on analysis and the constant mapping of sensitive processes, identification of potential risks and the definition of strict rules for their correct management.

The KOS Group set up a strict monitoring system (audit, reports, inspections, etc.) to guarantee efficient organisational management in order to comply with Italian Decree 81/2008, constant analysis of incidents and reduction of the risk of accidents to a minimum. It also implemented and optimised procedures that comply with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and a parallel training course was given to all Group employees.