Code of ethics


All those involved with the KOS Group must adhere to the standards of the Code of Ethics. Fairness, transparency and professional competence are the key underlying values. The Code of Ethics is a binding organisational model, with disciplinary action taken against staff who does not comply with it and termination of contract for any outside parties who do not comply with its principles.

As a private group operating in association with the National Health Service, KOS is subject to both its strict controls on procedures and the strict internal policy that Group employees must comply with and for which they receive adequate training.

In recognition of the importance of the social and ethical principles, KOS and its subsidiaries have drawn up a Code of Ethics that contains all the standards recognised, accepted and shared at all levels in the performance of its business activities.

The standards and provisions of the Code of Ethics are binding on the directors, employees and all those who work for KOS and its subsidiaries, regardless of the relationship – even if temporary – linking them.

Click here to download the Code of Ethics of KOS [214 KB] Document available only in Italian.

Click here to download the Organisational model of KOS [1 MB] Document available only in Italian.