Business model


Consistent, constant, comprehensive, pro-acquisition growth, developed in regions where the public healthcare management is balanced; some business abroad. The experience in India and the UK has shown that KOS is proving itself to be a reliable healthcare group, including at international level.

The size of the Group allows it to unite the extensive experience deriving from different working environments to the benefit of the quality of the services provided and to achieve economies of scale through sharing many support services. This strategy has been followed through the years by benchmarking.

With sound financial footing, transparent financial statements, and high quality services, KOS is increasingly establishing itself as the ideal partner to the Public Administration. At the same time, KOS is now capable of developing an attractive product for private users.

Where KOS has acquired existing facilities or built new facilities, it has always provided added value in keeping with the existing facilities and ensuring that it is well-integrated with the relevant community: it maintains continuity between the old and the new, while improving the processes and without disrupting the organisation; it is attentive to the history of the acquired facilities and their relationship with the community.