Santo Stefano


KOS is one of the leading private operators of functional rehabilitation facilities in Italy. It operates under the “Santo Stefano” brand and manages over 1,500 beds. The range of services extends from the complete range of intensive services provided by the rehabilitation hospital to home rehabilitation.

Santo Stefano has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of persons of every age with problems resulting from brain diseases involving a coma; strokes; neurological disorders; muscular and skeletal system injuries or chronic-degenerative disorders including where there is serious or complex comorbidity and after joint replacement. Santo Stefano has extensive experience in the treatment of serious brain injuries.

It is also specialised in other types of rehabilitation, with the respective areas of specialisation linked to the relevant communities: alcoholism, heart diseases, neurodegenerative diseases (for example multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, etc.) rheumatologic conditions, respiratory illnesses and developmental disorders.

The presence of the KOS Group was also consolidated under the Santo Stefano brand in the area of mental health.

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