The Medica polyclinic was established in San Giovanni in Persiceto in 2004; it bore a strong history of experience since it had operated in the Bologna area since 1992 in the historical headquarters of the Centro Medica, which still operates in Anzola Emilia. The aim of the polyclinic is to establish itself as a community reference point for a broad range of healthcare and healthcare-related activities, with a focus on protecting health in general, timely diagnosis, and therapy that seeks to attain the overall well-being of the person. It also focuses on providing high quality, professional services, attaining satisfied customers and ensuring fair prices.
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Fidia is a brand that operates in the area of private outpatient rehabilitation.  It plans and manages specific and personalised rehabilitation programs and sets up protocols aimed at prevention.
It operates in tandem with the Villa dei Pini clinic and shares its premises.
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Myolab operates in the area of private outpatient rehabilitation. It is a rehabilitation centre with high professional and technological standards for athletes and non-athletes; it incorporates the great levels of experience and skill in rehabilitation of the Santo Stefano Group.
The Centre integrates medical science and rehabilitation to an optimal extent, and all patients are assured a personalised service with a high healthcare component.
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