The KOS group has extensive experience in different therapy settings (from community based programs to mental health clinics) to take in patients of all ages who suffer from mental illnesses, and it also works in tandem with the Area Services (Servizi Territoriali).

It operates trough Kos Care in the psychiatric sector with the brand Neomesia, running 4 specialized clinics and 11 therapeutic community for adults and minors. For psychiatric rehabilitation, the Group involves a team of professionals in the field of mental health (psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, psychiatric rehabilitation technicians, and nurses) who work together to prepare each patient’s individual therapy programme. More specifically, the rehabilitation plans aim to recover the mental capacity of the patients so that they can reintegrate into family life and interpersonal relations. Illnesses are dealt with at all stages of development: from the acute stage to the rehabilitation stage.

The following types of patients can be taken in:

• Mood/emotional disorders (depression, bipolar disorders)

• Anxiety disorder

• Psychotic episodes

• Personality disorders

• Eating disorders

• Alcohol addiction

• Drug addiction (medicines, heroin, cocaine, etc.)

• Gambling addiction

• Adolescent and developmental disorders

• Psychogeriatric disorders


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