Anni Azzurri  


KOS is involved in the treatment and care of elderly patients through a multi-regional network of nursing homes under the Anni Azzurri brand; these residential social and health care facilities provide high-quality care that is not available as home care.

The KOS Group acquired the Anni Azzurri Nursing Homes in 2006; at the time it was one of the leading private operators in Italy in terms of revenues and numbers of beds. The group thereby established itself on a national scale, turning it into one of the main private operators in this area, with over 40 nursing homes for the elderly.

Anni Azzurri is now a well-regarded operator as a care provider to the elderly; it can devise solutions to meet the needs and choices of the patients and their families.

The quality of the periods spent in all the nursing homes is constantly monitored in accordance with standardised procedures and applied to the entire network of acceptance and care of the patients; the aim is to ensure that the level of service is kept to high standards to ensure expectations are fully met.

All the Nursing homes provide welcoming environments in which to live, interact and receive visits, to ensure serenity in the latter years of life. Anni Azzurri staff work tirelessly to ensure that each patient is made to feel at home. The smiles and family style atmosphere is a feature of the Anni Azzurri residential care facilities, and acts as a type of therapy to reinforce the effectiveness of the specialised medical care and the most up-to-date rehabilitation and mental stimulation techniques.

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