Psychiatric rehabilitation: new approaches to in-hospital and community care.

Jesi, Italy. Friday, November 24, 2017

Jesi’s Federico II hotel was the venue for a conference on the latest techniques and methodology in psychiatric rehabilitation. Taking part were many leading figures in the academic, institutional and professional spheres, as well as patients’ families and their associations.

Neomesia’s medical director, Dr Cosimo Argentieri, explained: “There has been a refinement of the therapeutic approach in the different care settings (hospital, territorial, community and residential), in order to integrate psychological, social and interprofessional actions into a unified treatment closely focused on the patient’s individual needs “.

Psychiatric rehabilitation constitutes an increasingly specialised sector within mental health services. By focusing on the main disabling effects of mental disorder, such as impaired social function, the interpersonal and environmental barriers created by the disorder may be more easily overcome.

Today rehabilitation is informed by a scientific approach and has become increasingly worthy of academic status. In the years to come, we may expect to see greater application of the bio-behavioural sciences with increased attention and awareness of the need for evidence-based evaluations of effectiveness.

The conference, with contributions from leading national specialists in the psychiatric rehabilitation sector, will allow a refinement of the approach to rehabilitation in the various care settings (hospital, territorial, community and residential), with the aim of integrating psycho-pharmacological and psycho-therapeutic treatments.

The conference was also an opportunity introduce a new entry to the national healthcare scene in the psychiatric sector: ” Neomesia ” is the new psychiatric healthcare brand of the KOS group and was presented on Friday morning by the CEO of the KOS Care group, Enrico Brizioli.